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Advanced Chinese OSINT Investigator - What will set you apart?

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  • 10 hours of pre-recorded video lessons.
  • 300+ pages of Your personal Advanced Resource Book. many visual illustrations and- Resource Book includes content from video lessons with guided case scenarios.
  • Chinese OSINT Tips that are designed for beginner & advanced OSINT Investigators to learn advanced pivoting techniques & search strategies.
  • Over 50 practical exercises crafted to build and sharpen your China-focused OSINT skills.
  • Multiple case studies to most topics showing guided step by step possible search scenarios.
  • Penetration Testing methods blended into OSINT in China to maximize your abilities as investigator and think out-of-the-box.
  • With this you can search like a local and OSINT anything or anyone.
  • OSINT, SOCMINT, IMINT, CI Practical Searching!
  • While the focus is the practical skills, but you also get your very own Certificate of Completion.

Course duration

4 weeks

Excluding Introduction



Access to materials from start date


6-7 hours per week

Self paced learning online

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  • How do I know this course is for me?
    COSINTI is an advanced program developed for individuals and professionals who want to advance their knowledge, abilities, and expertise in conducting Open Source Intelligence professionally within China's ecosystem. The minimum degree of experience necessary is a grasp of OSINT. Any role today that requires China-focused OSINT skills, from Cyber Threat Intelligence when investigating Dark/Clear web hacker forums, communities, and chatter to geopolitics, understanding China and how to obtain information while mastering the art of bypassing and accessing restricted and heavily regulated Chinese resources.
  • What is the registration process?
    Submit the registration form on this site. Wait a couple of seconds to be automatically redirected to payment page. Complete the payment. You will get a confirmation email from us. We will request you to send us back a unique code which we sent during confirmation. You reply to us with that code. We then send you 1/3 of the materials. You confirm receipt of that. Afterwards we complete our delivery and send the rest of the materials.
  • What makes COSINTI stand out in the market?
    COSINTI is currently the most forward-thinking, comprehensive, practical, and skill-focused course in the market for Chinese-focused OSINT skill development education. You learn genuine skills that you can use in the real world job market, not just the standard 'OSINT Analyst' approach to information collection or mentality, but also innovative approaches, strategies, tools, and knowledge from the Penetration Testing industry. In addition to the skills and knowledge you gain, when you enroll, you will immediately receive a premium four-month subscription. This allows you to receive two full upgrades to COSINTI every two months. Creating a dynamic product. China updates its policies, making it more difficult for ordinary Western investigators to avoid them. So, all of this together is what makes COSINTI the best.
  • How do I get my premium subscription?
    From October 11th until further notice, students who purchase COSINTI will be immediately enrolled in a small premium 4-month subscription that allows them to get two new upgrades to the COSINTI Resource Book. Every two months, you will receive each book by email.When your mini 4-month premium subscription, which came with your initial enrollment, expires, you will be able to renew your premium subscription. With these subscriptions, you will receive the most recent releases and editions of our resource book for four, six, or twelve months.Gain access to the most recent techniques, methods, tools, and resources to help you stay ahead in your field. This course is dynamic, which means that information does not become static or accumulate dust. We constantly improve your learning experience by adding new knowledge and updates.
  • Can I influence future publications?
    Yes, we'd want to hear your thoughts on any specific topic of interest to you. Allow us to assist you if your role requires you to have expertise or abilities in a certain area of OSINT within China. After you've joined, please send us an email and let us know what you'd like to see in future COSINTI publications as part of your premium subscription. For example, you may be more interested in learning about the Chinese dark web and hacker forums, or in SOCMINT and researching Chinese social media platforms.
  • How do I get the certificate after I complete my learning journey?
    While receiving your personal 'Certificate of Completion' for the advanced course of Chinese OSINT Investigator. We believe that the focus and mindset should be on the long term, skills, and practice. This is exactly what this course offers. But getting your certificate is simple: send us an email when you're ready, and we'll transmit it to you digitally within 24 hours.
  • What resources do I get from COSINTI?
    Throughout the course, all content and resources are focused solely on Chinese domestic sources of information, which are frequently inaccessible to Western audiences or, more accurately, hidden from Western eyes. Western tools are only introduced if they fulfill a specific study aim (such as BurpSuite).
  • Does this course teach Chinese language?
    Please keep in mind that this course is not intended to teach you Chinese. Instead, it focuses on improving your OSINT and information-gathering skills inside the framework of China's ecosystem. You will learn advanced methods for OSINT analysis that are specifically tailored to the barriers and challenges of the Chinese ecosystem.
  • Can I buy the book alone?
    Unfortunately, not, as this is a complete program. The book(s), videos, and premium subscription are all inextricably linked and nothing can be purchased as a standalone product. We understand why the book appeals to so many people due to its content and demand.
  • My organization wants an in-person advanced training, How can we get that?
    For such questions, please contact with your company name, the number of people interested in the training, and your goals for this training so that it can be tailored to your needs.
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Click to download syllabus

Regular Fee: $3,700 USD
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Once you have submitted the registration form, please stay on the same page, wait for couple of seconds and you will be redirected for payment page at Falcon Security Professional Training (Washington DC) company site for payment. Once payment is confirmed you will receive all relevant emails (read more at FAQ) Update: Our current course offering no longer includes a 6-month access to new editions of the resource book. Only 4-month. After that subscription ends, you have the option to purchase this separately as part of a Premium Subscription Package after enrolling in this course. ​ Because the reference book is updated more frequently than the video lessons, it will contain more fresh and updated information, whilst the video lessons are updated when we see fit. ​ We are working on updated improved quality/content/sound video lessons, we will be releasing them part by part once made available. Students that register get existing video lessons as well as new ones once these are made available. ​ Some of the solutions and methods presented in our course for obtaining access to accounts, mobile +86, and bypassing access of Chinese resources and socials are not all "OSINT" in nature. Meaning that these methods require other means, some are paid solutions, commercial tools, and time. ​ "UPDATES" DELIVERY FORMAT UPDATE: We have altered our distribution methodology so that any updates you receive from us will now be in a single publication dedicated just to new data. This is easier for us to create and easier for you to browse through, as opposed to scrolling through an entire complete book to discover the new changes.

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