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Advanced Chinese OSINT Investigator - What do you get?

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10 hours of pre-recorded video lessons.

300+ pages of Your personal Advanced Resource Book.
- Resource Book includes content from video lessons with many visual illustrations and
guided case scenarios.

- Chinese OSINT Tips that are designed for
beginner & advanced OSINT Investigators to learn advanced pivoting techniques & search strategies.

- Over 50 practical exercises crafted to
build and sharpen your China-focused OSINT skills.

- Multiple case studies to most topics showing guided step by step possible search scenarios.

- Penetration Testing methods blended into OSINT in China to maximize your abilities as investigator and think out-of-the-box.

- With this you can search like a local and OSINT anything or anyone.

OSINT, SOCMINT, IMINT, CI Practical Searching!

While the focus is the practical skills, but you also get your very own Certificate of
From 11th October until further notice, students who purchase COSINTI will automatically be enrolled into a mini premium 4-months subscription that enables them to receive 2 new upgrades of the COSINTI Resource Book. You will receive each book every 2 months to your email.

When your mini 4-month premium subscription that you've received with your original enrollment is complete, you're eligible to extend your premium subscriptions. With these subscriptions, you will receive the latest releases and editions of our resource book for 4, 6 or 12 months.

Gain access to the most up-to-date tips, methods, tools, and resources to keep you one step ahead in your line of work.This course is dynamic, which means that information doesn't remain static or gather dust. We consistently enrich your learning experience by continuously introducing fresh knowledge and updates.
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The pricing for this course will significantly increase after the New Year.

Quality education comes at a price, that's investing in yourself and your learning.

Ensure you select the best for your educational journey before the price goes up.

Organizations who pursue live COSINTI trainings (online in-person via zoom or other means).


You will have access to complete assistance from our academy and receive the latest editions of the Resource Book for a duration of 2 years. Price Upon Request to

Chinese Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Investigator Syllabus

Getting Started

Chinese and Western Ecosystems

  • Main Differences

    • Legal

    • Access

    • Censorship

    • Cultural

    • Linguistics

    • Infrastructure

    • Social Media
      • How to bypass these "limitations"

  • How do these barriers influence
    Western OSINT investigators?

  • Most common mistakes Western
    investigators make

  • Common misconceptions about
    conducting OSINT in China



  • Chinese Characters

  • Dialects

  • Regions

  • Cultural References

    • How all this domains help for
      OSINT investigations?

    • Adding context

    • Understanding the essense

    • Numbers & Their Influence on



  • Name Order

  • Variations in Spelling

  • Nicknames & Aliases

    • Helpful insights and tips to
      conducting successful search
      on people

    • How to know you've maximized
      your research?
    • What data to focus on & what to
      collect from a user profile?
      (Live session)
    • ID cards
      • Tools, Information, Tips


  • Tools (Image, Text, Web,
    Voice, Video)

  • How to find the right tool for you?

  • How to find good domestic tools?

  • Why not rely on "Google Translate"?

Keywords, Slang, Phrases

  • Helpful phrases

    • Understand context, "sayings"

      • Navigate discussions, chatter

  • Slang

    • Internet slang

    • Political slang

    • Other

      • Examples with visuals & context
        included to each type

      • Influence of Cultural nuances on
        practices, slang?

      • Idioms

      • How to break down the text
        and find the "context"?

      • Symbolic Communication

        • Emojis, Visuals, Memes

  • Keywords

    • Every section in the resurce book
      includes keywords related to the

      • Find your own resources of
        that particular topic, discussion, interest


  • Browsers

  • Web Extensions

  • Virtual Machines / OS

  • Host Machine Security

  • Online OPSEC

  • Tools & My Tips on all things privacy

OSINT (Open Source Intelligence)

  • Search Engines

    • Images

      • Reverse Search Engines

        • People

        • Objects

        • Other

    • Multi Purpose

      • Academic

      • Others

    • Video Platforms

      • Reverse Search Videos

      • Video Focused

    • People Search

      • Missing Persons 

      • OSINT Focused

  • Other Domestic Sources

    • E-commerce

      • How to leverage these for OSINTon individuals?

    • Q&A Communities

    • News/ Media

    • Court Sources

    • Government

    • Cloud Storage

    • File /Document Sharing

SOCMINT (Social Media Intelligence)

  • Chinese Social Networks

  • Unique methods of gathering data

  • Combining Hacking X OSINT = Better SOCMINT strategies

GEOINT (Geospatial Intelligence)

  • Why Chinese GEOINT is unique?

  • Why you can't find precise Geo data?

  • How to find domestic tools for GEOINT that work

CI (Corporate Intelligence)

Personal Tips, Tools, & Search Strategies for:

  • Find any Chinese comapny and

    • Registrations (HK and other areas)

    • Official names (real CN names)

    • Employees (CN "linked-in")

    • Fraud databases

    • Scam databases

    • Blacklisted registered companies DB's

    • Government databases/ portals

    • Additional insights, resources, websites, and OSINT tips for targeted research.

Course Fee: $3,000 USD

Registration Process:

1. Submit registration form.

2. Wait
5 seconds to be automatically redirected for payment at
Falcon Professional Security and Training LLC, Washington DC (U.S).

3. Complete the payment.

4. Receive confirmation email within 3 hours.

4.1 Important Step: Whitelist our email address "" to ensure successful delivery and smooth communication.

5. Respond back to confirmation email with unique code provided per student to confirm full name for certificate + correct email address receipt.

6. Gain access to course materials to the email address used during registration within 48 hours.

6.1 You'll be provided with 1/3 of the materials via email. You'll be required to acknowledge the successful receipt of this to it's accurate address by clicking on the designated button in the email. Upon confirmation, You will receive the full materials.




Good Luck.
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This course is tailored for individuals with existing OSINT skills who want or need to acquire advanced capabilities specifically designed for the Chinese OSINT ecosystem. It assumes no prior knowledge of the Chinese language or related nuances.

Please note that this course does not aim to teach the Chinese language. Instead, it focuses on enhancing your OSINT and information-gathering abilities within the context of China's ecosystem. You will gain advanced skills essential for OSINT analysis, uniquely suited to the barriers and challenges of the Chinese landscape.

Throughout the course, all content and resources provided are exclusively centered on Chinese domestic sources of information, which are often not accessible to Western audiences or to say even more, hidden from Western eyes. Western tools are only introduced if they serve a specific research purpose (e.g., BurpSuite).

By the end of this course, you will possess advanced expertise, resources, and skills exclusively tailored to navigating China's unique OSINT landscape, making it the most advanced course available in the market.

Update: Our current course offering no longer includes a 6-month access to new editions of the resource book. Only 4-month. After that subscription ends, you have the option to purchase this separately as part of a Premium Subscription Package after enrolling in this course.

Because the reference book is updated more frequently than the video lessons, it will contain more fresh and updated information, whilst the video lessons are updated when we see fit.

We are working on updated improved quality/content/sound video lessons, we will be releasing them part by part once made available. Students that register get existing video lessons as well as new ones once these are made available.

Some of the solutions and methods presented in our course for obtaining access to accounts, mobile +86, and bypassing access of Chinese resources and socials are not all "OSINT" in nature. Meaning that these methods require other means, some are paid solutions, commercial tools, and time.


We have altered our distribution methodology so that any updates you receive from us will now be in a single publication dedicated just to new data. This is easier for us to create and easier for you to browse through, as opposed to scrolling through an entire complete book to discover the new changes.

Before getting this course ensure you have the following preferred infrastructure:
1. Burner Mobile Device (Separate smartphone mobile device for OPSEC purposes) that will be used heavily during research, investigations, communications, any OSINT work within China. Preferably Android OS of ZTE / Xiaomi model.

2. Preferred OS is any Linux distro, if you don't have that then a regular PC/MBP with a standalone VM or remote AWS instance where you can initiate any research from with OPSEC in mind. - Device with different (virtual) hardware charactaristics than your real one.

This is not a must to have that kind of infrastructure, it is only recommended, to keep your real identity away from your China OSINT activities.

Required to know before:
1. You'll need a newly created Gmail address with no connection to your real identity (e.g.,created via VPN/other service in specific timezone & specific characaristics).


2. You may be required to download APK files to your mobile device, since this may be part of a solution presented in specific parts of the course. APK files are from third-party and highly likely not OPSEC friendly.

3. Some strategies described in the course to achieve certain goals of access or bypass may or may not necessitate the purchase of third-party tools, apps, or software that are not available for purchase using any common currencies or Western-availability payment methods. For example, (USDT,Alipay).

Data Leakage & Other

  • Access to unique resources that may be leverage for LE, OSINT, PI, CTI practitioners:

    • Leaked databases (Domestic breaches & resources)

Cyber Security

  • Rundown of domestic giants/ tech companies, their offerings, why they're unique, and how they're different from Western business operations?

  • Domestic tools for "attack surface" Cybersecurity Search Engines (fofa/ZE but less known)

  • Tools for researchers (malware, IP, attack surface..etc)

  • Chinese Hackers on Western Resources

  • Chinese Hackers on Domestic Resources

Search Strategies

  • How to search like a local

  • How to avoid & minimize grammar mistakes

  • Blend EN&CN keywords correctly

  • Tips & visuals to spend less time on finding the right result

  • Tips to make your searches more efficient

  • Tips & visuals to make yoruself truly confident in finding anything around China's ecosystem.

Access "Blocked" China

  • How does Censorship work?

  • How does Great Firewall work?

  • Why Common methods & VPNs don't work?

  • Why OSINT Mindset Doesn't solve this?

  • Unconventional bypass methods & tools that actually work

  • Tips to bypass Chinese portals captcha challenges

Bypass "Mobile/SIM" Requirement

  • How to register to socials without
    a physical SIM card?
  • What are common mistakes that
    Westerners make with this topic?
  • Why using a "Online SMS Confirmation"
    services doesn't work?
  • What tools / methods actually work?


  • Why applying practices from other lines of work like pentesting makes COSINTI best in the game?

  • Tips, visual examples, step by step guides on how to blend passive hacking techniques with OSINT

  • Using 'hacker' tools from offensive security practices to boost your Chinese OSINT skills

  • Using methods of inspection, research, enumeration and other practices to find information typically OSINT analysts won't look at:

    • Look at websites from a different lens

      • Where can information be hidden

      • How to 'transform' regular websites into sources of information

      • How to understand how websites work, and how you can leverage that to your advantage

Source Development

  • Throughout the resource book you get "source development" tips, alongside details visuals, step by step guides and case scenarios that are designed to help you develop the skill of SD.

  • Learn how to find new sources of information by yourself:

    • Hacker forums, blogs, chats, communites, channels, Dark web.

    • Latest tools, developments, hacker tools, fraud tools, scripts, projects, etc.

    • OSINT, SOCMINT, GEOINT, IMINT tools, search engines, reverse search engines, all domestic unique developments that most are hidden from the Western eyes.

  • How to approach source devevlopment in Chinese the correct way?

  • How to find specilized domestic search engines?

  • How to pivot from one resource to another?

  • How to pivot from having wrong keywords to the right ones?

Live Practice & Exercises

  • New video lessons include a live practice session where we go on the Chinese www together and deep dive into research on various domains.

  • Over 50+ practical exercises that get your wheels in the mind going, how to find, where to look, what method to use, how to think out of the box to find entity or subject X, what data sources to rely on.
    - really fantastic experience and practice building as a COSINTI expert (with real world examples, scenarios).

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