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Open Source Intelligence Practitioner

OSINT Fundamentals
What is OSINT

Who Uses OSINT
Types of OSINT

Intelligence, Data, Information

Understanding collection requirements

OSINT Ethics

The Intelligence Cycle

Planning and Directing


Processing & Exploitation

Analysis and Production


Evaluation & Feedback

Intelligence Collection Disciplines

(OSINT) Open Source Intelligence

(HUMINT) Human Intelligence

(SIGINT) Signals Intelligence

(MASINT) Measurement & Signatures

(IMINT) Imagery Intelligence

(GEOINT) Geospatial intelligence

(FININT) Financial intelligence

SOCMINT (Social Media Intelligence)

OPSEC & Your Digital Footprint

Critical Cyber Hygiene Practice

Effective Note Taking

Organized Virtual Workspace Tools

Avoiding "Rabbit Holes"

Work Environment Configuration

Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Virtual Machine (VM)

Virtual Machine Security Considerations

Configuration of Web Browser Extensions
Setup Sock Puppet Accounts (Avatars)

Security Considerations for Avatar Accounts

Research in Practice

Working with Multi-Purpose Search Engines

Using search operators (Queries or Dorking)

Creating Advanced Search Operators

Collecting Data from the Blog Platforms
Collection Data from Social Media Platforms

Collecting Data from Alternative Sources

Running Foreign Language Searches

Investigation Fundamentals
Tools & Frameworks for OSINT

Investigating Documents Metadata

Source Development on Social Media

Automating Processes

Using Social Media Aggregators

Helpful Automation Tools & Frameworks

Tools & Extensions for Efficient Investigation

With the video lessons you're getting your own 'Resource Book' that you can always refer to with many sources and keywords that will help you at any given time to conduct your own searches.

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