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Chinese OSINT Practitioner - What do you get?

5 hours of pre-recorded video lessons.

100+ pages of Your personal fundamentals study book.
- Study Book includes content from video lessons with many visual illustrations and
guided case scenarios.

- Chinese OSINT Tips that are designed for
beginner-friendly OSINT practitioners that
want to make the first step into China.

- 20 practical exercises crafted to
build and sharpen your newly obtained
skills in this field.

OSINT, SOCMINT, IMINT Practical Searching!

You also get your very own Certificate of
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This is a course designed for individual that do not want to "deep dive" and jump ahead into advanced learning material, but first to get comfortable and master the fundamentals.

Chinese OSINT Practitioner Syllabus

In the first module we're going to cover and begin understanding the main differences between Chinese and Western ecosystems in the following aspects, this is important fundamentals because this knowledge is going to shape your further understanding of what is important when conducting research, searching for data, and doing OSINT in China. So the topics we are covering on  'differences between Chinese & Western Ecosystems" are:

Exploring everything important about 'Censorship' and 'Access Restrictions' and how they influence Westerner's OSINT abilities within modern China?

Understanding and learning from mistakes commonly made by Western OSINT investigators - what they are doing wrong, what wrong tools they're using, what methods don't actually work and giving you the right answers to direct you into the correct path.

Exploring the aspect of linguistics and understanding important nuances relevant for conducting Open-Source Intelligence research right away. Also in Linguistics we're exploring the important topic of "understanding context".

How to find the right keywords and not use "incorrectly" written keywords that are obtained from bad translations?
Learning why Chinese names are vital for conducting OSINT on people? and exploring topics such as name orders, possible types of variations, nicknames and aliases by which people can be identified.

We are also exploring helpful insights and tips to conducting successful search on people? How to know you've maximized your research on a specific individual? What data to focus on & what to collect from a user profile during an investigation with SOCMINT?

When talking about everything Translation related, that is going to help you during your research Tools (Image, Text, Web, Voice, Video). In the section when you are learning about everything translation you are going to be equipped with the right tools but also methods that will get you up and running in the OSINT first searches.

The second module called "Searching China" is all about practice and more practice, in this module you are hands-on exploring the methods and case studies we provide you within different categories presented here:

OSINT (Open Source Intelligence)
We are going to cover the very core fundamentals of conducting your first real life searches in Chinese language and within China's internet. During your learning journey you're going to be exploring various tools, methods, search strategies with focus on searching and finding accurate information considering you're just starting out and have no prior exposure to such specific skills within that foreign ecosystem.

SOCMINT (Social Media Intelligence)
Within this domain we are exploring the various social platforms and networks that are heavily restricted and heavy regulated within the Chinese ecosystem. This will help you to understand what this social ecosystem looks like within China and how its possible to leverage such networks for OSINT activities.

This module is filled with fundamental:
Practical Searching Methods
Practical Exercises
Guided Case Scenarios & Visual Illustrations

With the aim to get your first fundamental searches ready to go in China's internet.

Fixed Fee: $1,000 USD

How to Register?:

1. Submit registration form.

2. Wait
5 seconds to be automatically redirected for payment at
Falcon Professional Security and Training LLC, Washington DC (U.S).

3. Complete the payment.

4. Receive confirmation email within 3 hours.

4.1 Important Step: Whitelist our email address "" to ensure successful delivery and smooth communication.

5. Respond back to confirmation email with unique code provided per student to confirm full name for certificate + correct email address receipt.

6. Gain access to course materials to the email address used during registration within 48 hours.

6.1 You'll be provided with 1/2 of the materials via email. You'll be required to acknowledge the successful receipt of this to it's accurate address by clicking on the designated button in the email. Upon confirmation, You will receive the full materials.




Good Luck.
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Please note that this course does not aim to teach the Chinese language. Instead, it focuses on providing you with necessary OSINT-focused information-gathering fundamental abilities within China's ecosystem. You will gain fundamental skills essential for OSINT collection and understanding of the China's ecosystem and it's unique nuances today.

Before getting this course ensure you have the following preferred infrastructure:
1. Burner Mobile Device (Separate smartphone mobile device for OPSEC purposes) that will be used heavily during research, investigations, communications, any OSINT work within China. Preferably Android OS of ZTE / Xiaomi model.

2. Preferred OS is any Linux distro, if you don't have that then a regular PC/MBP with a standalone VM or remote AWS instance where you can initiate any research from with OPSEC in mind. - Device with different (virtual) hardware characteristics than your real one.

This is not a must to have that kind of infrastructure, it is only recommended, to keep your real identity away from your China OSINT activities.

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