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Public Defamation Case Against EPCYBER

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

I could begin this blogpost with the words "heads up OSINT community", but I will make it simpler, in my language. In my eyes we are all one family, one community, each does what he or she loves, someone follows someone, someone works for someone, someone creates courses or teaches. The essence of this community is unity, sharing, collaboration, and when possible, transparency of communication and relations.

Many times in my life, individuals in the same industry who openly disliked me attempted to place "obstacles" in my professional career path in an attempt to "drown" me, my professionalism, and my reputation, because at some point they stopped "freely receiving" my knowledge, but continued to observe and follow me.

And now, let's discuss this week's Twitter incident.

The respectable Ms. Sarah Womer, (UnleashedOsint) who was respected by me until she addressed and called out the entire OSINT community to:

  1. Make directed false accusations and attributions against myself and my business to a terrorist country.

  2. While also tagging 3 accounts with major following of 280K.

  3. And if that is not enough then there were also screenshots from what seems like scanning without authorization of our business domain infrastructure.

  4. This attribution was intentionally put under our marketing campaign for our courses & trainings.

  5. For a fact my clients saw this, my students saw this and actively approached me asking questions.

  6. This is not only damage (done) to the business aspect but also personally (read below why).

Ms. Womer also claimed that the Company she works for teaches proper OSINT, that being said, proper was included with quotation marks, pardon..that goes to say what exactly..? I guess you can only make assumptions here OR, just name it what it is "commercial disparagement".

The truth is...

I have no interest about apologies, and I hope individuals like such would stop appearing in my life professionally. We are not talking about an action of stepping on your foot or spitting on your back.

This is a deliberate (as you can see in the language, the suggestive tongue and the words that were carefully chosen) action, to publicly harm someone's reputation, which could and already did lead to damage not only to my business, to my students, to my clients, to the integrity between myself and my affiliates who trust me, and my profit.

But, what did Ms. Womer want to achieve here? because what bothers me the most is the private aspect of the attribution, the fact that I am Israeli and Ukrainian, who served in the Israeli military, received excellence and recognition awards from the military. Lived in Israel for many years experiencing conflicts and war of similar nature. And today as I am writing this blogpost, as I am standing under Iranian artillery in Ukraine in Odesa.

Let's dive further into OSINT Basics & Fact Checking ...

Ms. Womer, presents to us simple facts about herself (a simple cold facts and conclusions that can be concluded as shown in these screenshots of posts made publicly by herself):

  • Immense lack of research from her side, (or is it?) ( anyone who spends 3 minutes to understand who I am, what I did, my background, my work, would not make such serious attributions.

  • Ms. Womer here claims she "did not realize it was linked to my company"... while at the same breath posted this under MY marketing campaign, of MY company... right, you do the math dear readers.

  • Conducting research and potentially scanning of my domain.. and posting it all under my ..I repeat, marketing campaign.

  • Let alone that you do not make such attributions lightly, to Anyone's name on the internet unless speaking of an APT group, or otherwise a library of research done.

  • Especially not a former military intelligence officer from Israeli, now being bombed by Iranian artillery in Ukraine.

This is the unvarnished truth from my perspective AND from the perspective of my clientele, the students who saw the original online attributions.

Ms. Womer intends to write a narrative of the incident from the company which she works at officially, but what else could be included?

Thank you to Kirby Plessas (kirbstr) owner of for taking on the responsibility on the matter, and addressing the unpleasant incident, about how her employees are behaving unprofessionally. Let's end this post with a funny old Jewish anecdote! Some humor.. because why not A large group of professors was gathered and put in a plane, when they closed the door and the plane began to prepare for takeoff, the professors were informed that the plane was being constructed by their students.

All the professors rushed to the doors of the plane to get out and down, and only one remained to sit with confidence. He was asked "why did he kept on sitting confidently?"

The professor confidently answered: "The plane was designed and constructed by my students!" The professor was then asked: "And are you sure that you trained them well?"

Professor then quietly responded "I am confident it won't take off"


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