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The Art of Finding New Darkweb Sources

Updated: Sep 1

Image Credit : Juan Casini

The Crucial Skill Companies Crave, but Courses Fail to Teach

Let's speak about something that's rarely discussed: genuinely, the skills of source development for OSINT and CTI analysts.

The fact is this = Every Intel delivery / professional services provider wants you to have this skillset, but how do you actually accomplish it? Below is an example of job requirements (one of) that today wants CTI analysts (and OSINT Professionals as well) to have that set of skills for finding new sources.

The other fact is, there isn't a single course on Dark Web, CTI, or OSINT that actually teaches you how to pivot from sources, search strategies, or methods of approaching different source development techniques based on different case scenarios. However, we do, because this is one of the most important skills for any practitioner working in these domains.

Source development is not summarized by the practice of "Googling" "new Dark Web 2023 links" or "new OSINT tools" and hoping to find new resources.

Source development is literally an art, an art of understanding what you currently have in your hands, and understand how to "maximize" the sources you currently have, by expanding your mindset, by creative thinking, by using keywords creatively, and learning methods to pivot to other sources, be it sources of information such as forums, or communication channels of hackers, or "types" of sources like finding new designated search engines or tools.

So if you're asking yourself the question how our courses stand out, this is one of the main factors to why our courses differ from any existing ones on the Dark Web CTI & Chinese OSINT (Chinese OSINT Investigator also has Penetration Testing elements to it) - making it the most unique and different one on the market today.

If you're interested in understanding how it's done and taking your skills to higher grounds, or want to upskill your employees, our courses are for you, we bring you valuable information and an easy learning experience where you actually learn things, instead of reading trough tons of B&W text.

We bring video lessons, guidelines, fresh & relevant screenshots with examples, case scenarios of what you could come across or how you'd want to find information, different search strategies and analogies that help you to understand information better if you're struggling with technological terms.

Chinese OSINT Investigator

Dark Web Cyber Threat Intelligence Fundamentals


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