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Date: 14th July 2023 3PM-4:30PM CET, Attendance Fee: $300 USD.

This session is designed for individuals who already have experience in Open Source Intelligence, this isn't suitable for beginners.

It's perfect if you're coming from:

  • Law Enforcement

  • Cybersecurity

  • Investigative Journalism

  • Investigations

And your line of work requires to:

  • Work with OSINT and sensitive data.

  • Conduct virtual Human Intelligence Investigations.

  • Engage with subject or threat actors.

What's included?

During this 1-1.5 hour session, I'll be sharing all things you need to know to practice strong operational security inside and out. Including my personal tips and tricks for practicing the "ultimate" OPSEC (online, offline, and everything in between). We'll go over real-life examples of good and bad practices, so you can learn from them. Plus, I'll guide you through the process of securing your sock puppet accounts like a true privacy-focused investigator, by explaining how you should do, what you should do and why it's done.

This is also a Q&A enabled session, after I finish talking, you can ask your questions and I answer.

Goal of this:

  1. This is focused on giving you all the knowledge you need so you can run better investigations, with less % of stressing about if your avatar or sock puppet will be compromised, or your identity will be "exposed".

  2. The agenda of this is to transfer knowledge to you from my 13 years of experience in conducting various investigations and engagements online. If you value your avatars, your collection efforts, you'd want to attend and I'm happy to see you there.

Mastering OPSEC


Thank you, once youre registration is confirmed you will receive a link for payment.

  • To ensure that the valuable information shared in this webinar is used responsibly, all registrations will undergo a thorough verification process. This is to ensure that only authorized individuals are granted access.

  • I kindly request that you do not use Gmail or any private email addresses when registering for this webinar. Please use your professional email address associated with your organization or agency. Private email addresses are simply filtered.

  • By using a professional email address, you can help me to ensure that the materials communicated during this webinar are only accessible to individuals with a legitimate interest in this topic. This will help to protect sensitive information and ensure that my webinar is "secure" as possible.

  • Rest assured that any information you submit during registration will be kept secure and confidential. It will not be used for promotional purposes or shared with third parties. This includes information submitted by law enforcement personnel who may be attending the webinar.

  • After your registration is approved, you receive a link to payment.


Russian OSINT Investigator (ROSINTI) $1,300 USD


Darkweb Investigator (DWI) $1,500 USD


Cyber Threat Intelligence Foundation (CTIF) $1,500 USD

CTI Professional Analyst (CTIPA) $3,300 USD


Advanced Attack Surface Collection $3,000 USD

Falcon Professional Security & Training (Washington DC, U.S)

Is a well established security services company providing services to the private, public and military sectors, unarmed and armed security services. The company also provides Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED), Risk Management, and Security Assessments.

I am proudly partnering and delivering my courses via:


Take Your OSINT Skills To Higher Grounds

  • Law Enforcement.

  • Cybersecurity Professionals.

  • OSINT Practitioners.

  • Investigative Journalists.

  • Cyber Crime Defenders.

  • Private Investigators.

  • IT Professionals.

  • Individuals Interested in OSINT or to make career change.


Threat Intelligence

Targeting Assessment - Are your assets at risk of a planned cyber attack?

A comprehensive assessment with detected and analyzed threats of all facets of active targeting on the clear, deep, and dark web.

CTI Program Development & Guidance - Improve an existing Cyber Threat Intelligence Program with relevant guidance and help or develop, map and outline a new program for your business.

Intelligence-Led-Active-Assessment (ILAA) - In this hybrid approach, we examine Intelligence-based threats and security vulnerabilities that actors pose to your business but aren't covered by your Penetration Tests.

Threat Profiling

OSINT Profiling Report - A complete investigative report on an individual threat, group, network, or campaign that is aiming to harm your business. Mapping of Actor's TTP, motivation, and methodology profiling.

Strategic Intelligence

Strategic Report - Analysis of the most critical threats, TTPs, actors, operations at risk, and more, as influenced by geopolitical and other external factors in your industry.

Active Assessment

Active Assessment Report - Critical business processes or intellectual property. Don't let your crown jewels be the next target of a data breach. Determine your external web resilience and prioritize your resources.

Fraud Investigation

Investigation Report - Uncover a widespread hacker campaign using phishing or malware to steal cryptocurrency from individuals, companies, or cryptocurrency exchanges. Comprehensive report.

Need help with an OSINT Investigation?
For cyber crime investigations that involves any of the bellow:


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