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Choose Your OSINT Path

Those who choose to engage with our offering understand the distinct advantages we provide.

Our Offerings

EPCYBER Academy is proudly delivering it's courses with:
Falcon Professional Security & Training (Washington DC, U.S)

Is a well established security services company providing services to the private, public and military sectors, unarmed and armed security services. The company also provides Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED), Risk Management, and Security Assessments.


It is critical to exercise caution when choosing a vendor for your learning journey.
You can safeguard yourself from potential future disappointments, waste of finances and time by asking yourself simple questions about the vendor you're planning to take the training from:
1. Does the vendor have very similar but rephrased titles, syllabus to existing, well-established vendors already?
2. Do they offer something unique that makes them standout, or is it also copied?
3. Is the vendor or the person behind it competent to provide it?
4. What did they do prior to offering such training?
5. What information can you openly find about them that raises their authenticity as a vendor?
6. Is everything they did before marked as "confidential"? (what individuals do when they don't have any relevant experience)
7. Assess what you will leave with after the training is complete. actual skills or information?
Doing your due diligence properly is the best piece of advice we can provide you with, to wisely choose who you learn from.
We wish everyone good luck!

Distribution, copy, or making any derivative works from such materials in any shape or form will result in legal implications by EPCYBER and its affiliates .

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