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Combo Report - Clear, Deep, Dark Web comprehensive assessment report covering your "crown jewels" assets:

  • Active Targeting

  • Chatter/Discussions

  • Leaked Data

  • Compromised Assets

Strategic Report - Analysis of the most critical threats, TTPs, actors, operations at risk, and more, as influenced by geopolitical and other external factors in your industry.

OSINT Profiling Report - A complete investigative report on an individual threat, group, network, or campaign that is aiming to harm your business. Mapping of Actor's TTP, motivation, and methodology profiling.

Penetration Testing - Test the resilience of your crown jewels, what do hackers see when they go to your digital assets?

EPCYBER Platform

We provide you with professional reports, using our own unique in-house CTI platform, a treasure trove of intelligence spanning the clear, deep, and dark web.


Our platform encompasses diverse open, access, and invite-only resources in multiple languages (RU, CN, EN, and more).

With entry to the most esteemed hacker forums and unconventional information sources within today's digital landscape, our reach extends far beyond the ordinary.

We provide great quality CTI reports, but it's worth mentioning that we don't rely solely on the usual sources which most vendors use. Our approach is different and stands out from the rest.

Our Cyber Threat Intelligence reports are a fusion of manual and automated research, delivering comprehensive insights that are unmatched in both source quantity and research depth.


Step into our world and uncover threats that might be lurking beneath the surface—threats that your existing CTI vendor may not even know exist.

EPCYBER Threat Report Sample, EPCYBER Platform

See some of our clients and what they say, for tailored services email

Swiss Intelligence solutions Company

Founder, CEO

Thank you for the insightful CTI deliverables, thanks to your work we managed to identify high priority threats

Founder, Chief Investigator

Thank you for the great job & valuable insights, we managed to locate and identify what we needed...

Cyber Threat Intelligence

CTI Delivery

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