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Dark Web Cyber Intelligence Practitioner

Dark Web Fundamentals

Understanding Infrastructure

  • Tor Network - How it all works?

    • Types of Nodes & What they are?

    • Relays

    • Bridges

    • Onion Routing

    • Directory Servers

Into the Dark Web

  • Understanding Terminology

    • Dark Web vs Deep Web

    • CTI Related Terms
      • RaaS

      • Hacking Services

      • Fraud Services

      • More

Exploring Dark Web Services

  • Social Networks

  • Communities

  • Forums

  • Chatrooms

  • Blogs

  • Messaging & Email Platforms

  • Marketplaces

Configuring Dark Web Access

  • Virtual Machines

  • Operating Systems

  • Virtual Private Networks

  • Tor Browser Configurations

Online Operational Security (OPSEC)

  • Dark Web Risks and Threats

  • Online OPSEC essentials for CTI work

    • Configuring your "fake personas"

    • Active engagement (HUMINT) insights

    • Practical tips with 'security in mind' approach

Dark Web & Cyber Intelligence

  • How and why these two are interconnected?

  • Types of activity on the Dark Web from CTI lens 

  • What do CTI analysts really look for inside the Dark Web?

  • Important insights you must know

Discovering New 'Dark' Sources

The essentials for keeping your CTI toolset updated

  • The most essential know how no one tell you about finding new Dark Web sources.

  • This section includes a live session practice.

Why this course?

  • You're getting two in one - Dark Web & Cyber Threat Intelligence know-how that is fundamental knowledge if you want to pursue that line of work.

  • I'm sharing with you my golden insights and tips of over 10 years in the field of Cyber Intelligence and Offensive Security, knowing the offensive and defensive sides and all things Dark Web  activity.

What You Get From This Course?

Video Lessons (6.5 hours)

Resource Book (Includes all the discussed videos + tips, tricks, exercises)

Certificate of Completion

Insider Look at the video lessons HERE

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$799 USD

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This is a fundamentals course.
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