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Close skill gap, build future experts

Our goal at EPCYBER is to equip professionals and those who want to become them with real industry-relevant skills. We understand that the main issue with existing training vendors in the industry, especially in areas of China-focused OSINT, CTI, and particularly Dark Web, is that you mostly just get information instead of learning the actual skills you need to move up in your careers. Our training programs have been carefully designed to be the most practical and skill-focused in the industry.

We don't sell you history lessons about when Tor was invented or when the Chinese GFW was created; we get you right into the practice, into the "essence" of what is needed.


We focus on real-life study scenarios, and our training includes pre-recorded live sessions that show how our experts search, pivot, and obtain resources, conduct specific search strategies, and practice thoroughly designed exercises that are meant to improve the skills and search abilities of the students who take part in our advanced training.


We want to bridge the gap between skills and the demand in the fields of Chinese-focused OSINT and cyber threat intelligence by focusing on industry-specific, real, timely, and practical capabilities that you can take with you further.

Our trainings are not only providing you with skills but, most importantly, developing your critical thinking through practice and guided scenarios.


Our goal is to build experts who have the knowledge, expertise, and mindset to excel in their fields and roles.

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