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Dark Web : West to China

Updated: Oct 29

Recently we've witnessed a lot of Western dark web forums being shut down by authorities, like Raid, Breached, Genesis, because of these changes, Western threat actors may be discouraged from using such "easily monitored" platforms and instead turn to Chinese-language discussion boards.

Because Chinese dark web forums provides Western Threat Actors with a "safe" environment in which to operate due to the absence of various factors including capabilities to fully and efficiently monitor such resources by Western authorities.

The Chinese dark web has seen substantial changes after the closure of several of the most renowned Western dark web forums.

暗网中文论坛 and 长安不夜城 are two top popular forums / discussion boards in China's underground where we've seen some similar activity, but it doesn't stop there. Could it mean that now more Western cybercriminals will shift their activities to communication platforms as well, manipulating social networks to run their illicit operations.

It poses a challenge and a risk not only from an OPSEC perspective to Western authorities monitoring these resources, but also because a lot of the "closed" groups requires some level of "proof" of technical skills, some complex access questions that without the understanding of the subculture will be close to impossible to gain access and maintain access.

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