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Does ChatGPT Improve OSINT?

ChatGPT, but no limited to is one example out of today's advanced language models in the field of generative AI, can be used to enhance open-source intelligence (OSINT) work by creating text that sounds like it was written by a person. Is that good or bad? Let's explore below and how we view it

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AI models like ChatGPT can be great and it definitely has its advantages because: 1. It can aid you in finding "ideas" or understanding essentials, workflows better, terminologies, high level - but at a very basic core.

2. As well as Generic Threat Data (if available online), Threat Group Backgrounds, Media Processing, Data Processing, Reporting Templates, Synthesising Information.

ChatGPT can automate repetitive tasks, save you (some) time, and improve the accuracy and speed of OSINT work. It can also help investigators analyze large datasets for trends and outliers that human analysts might miss (or might not?).

In addition to its usefulness, ChatGPT can also help break down big problems into smaller ones that are easier to handle. It can also provide technical support and help with research.

ChatGPT has some issues, that's for a fact, such as not checking if the information it generates is verified, or accurate. To improve your OSINT work flow, follow certain directions, such as asking questions in a way that works, telling ChatGPT what it should do and how to do it, and to put together questions and answers that go together.

Practicing with ChatGPT can lead to better tips, better understanding of the basics that are simply available on the internet, osint fundamentals, how to's, really the 101 stuff, and improvements in your OSINT work flow.

But that has its limits too, consider things like OPSEC, just like any other account and third party platforms, chatgpt can get hacked, compromised, leaked etc.. and if you're an analyst who produces reports from chatgpt, that's not good for your name or reputation or the company itself.

Don't rely on chatgpt to try fill the "gap" you might have in expertise on a topic, AI isn't your real "expert" - it only goes so far. It won't get you findings, it won't get you things that the intelligent mind can. Chatgpt is great, fantastic if you want to find something in a second from the internet, but won't make you smarter, sure you can make him write you a novel or some romance book, but don't rely on AI for reports/work for clients that's not professional.

Food for thought sometimes, don't jump on "trends" to "automate" or "perfect" your existing processes.


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