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Crypto Age, Dark Web, Cyber Crime

A deeper look at cyber crime on the dark web

When it comes to Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI), understanding the age of coins in cryptocurrency transactions on the dark web is essential for analysts in context of fraud and finance/ crypto scams and related cybercrime investigations.

Utilizing blockchain explorers such as Etherscan and Blockchair, analysts have the ability to track fund movements, revealing patterns that may suggest illicit activities.

Examining the age of coins reveals trends in hodling behavior among cybercriminals, offering valuable information on future strategies and changes in the dark web environment.

Identifying anomalies in coin age and transaction patterns is crucial for uncovering potential money laundering schemes and serving as an early warning system for emerging cyber threats and cyber criminal activity.

Using visual representations of coin age distribution can help CTI analysts quickly decipher complex patterns, leading to a better understanding of evolving threats in the dynamic dark web environment.

This is very true in case scenarios of Ransomware Payment Tracking, which is one example out of many where such skills are required.

Also, looking at the age of coins is a strong way for CTI analysts to map out complicated criminal networks on the dark web.

Looking at the connections between different wallets and organizations, analysts can learn important things about how cybercriminal groups work and find the main people who are doing illegal things.

In the dark web, things are always changing, so adding on-chain research like coin age to the CTI workflows is important as well.

We will be writing more on crypto analysis in the future, in context of CTI, Dark Web and Cyber Crime (Finance) Investigations.

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