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Power of Context: Precise Chinese Intelligence

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Chinese Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is a challenge and an obstacle in the field of online information and intelligence collecting, especially if you're a Westerner in the OSINT line of work.

And let me tell you something, having great skills in finding information can only get you so far, what about data analysis? Understanding what you actually identified during research.

Because of the complexities of the Chinese language and well not limited to linguistics only, the large volume of internet content, and the complexities of Chinese culture, political factors, censorship factors, it is an area where only competent investigators can easily navigate.

What we teach you goes beyond simply teaching you how to discover information like a pro in Chinese OSINT.

We are providing you with crucial abilities that will set you apart in this field. The capacity to identify context is one such skill that is sometimes underrated but extremely powerful and will define how successful your OSINT/RECON/INTEL is.

Understanding context can be a challenging task, but with the right approach and the methods, strategies we help you apply, it's easy to break all these barriers.

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So, why is context significant for Chinese OSINT investigators, and what benefits can it provide in terms of threat analysis, data interpretation, and intelligence gathering?

Let's explore that

Understanding Requires Context

Gathering data is only the first step in Chinese OSINT. Context is required to fully appreciate the significance of the information you've gathered, otherwise it won't really be fully an Open-Source-Intelligence investigation but rather limited to data collection.

Context helps you comprehend the "why" and "how" of information, making it crucial for threat analysis. Is the data you discovered part of a larger pattern of behaviour? Is this a one-time occurrence?

With context, you can identify the difference between a coincidence and a meaningful piece of intelligence.

Context Aids Data Verification

Misinformation and disinformation are common in the enormous sea of information, especially today in the growing landscape and especially in and from China.

It's easy to be deceived when there's no background or understanding. Context can help you cross-check and assess the veracity of information from multiple sources.

This process of verification is critical in Chinese OSINT, where the stakes are high and the ramifications of misinformation can be severe.

Context Aids in Pivot Investigations

When you have context for a post or topic, you can conduct more in-depth inquiries. Context can provide leads for more investigation, assisting you in identifying linked individuals, organisations, or even hidden risks.

It acts as a road map for a more thorough and productive examination.

Context Improves Threat Assessment

Threat analysis is critical in cybersecurity and national security. Understanding the context in which a threat actor operates might reveal their motives, strategies, and prospective targets.

This kind of awareness is crucial in effectively and proactively addressing threats.

Context Facilitates Strategic Decision-Making

The information you get from Chinese OSINT isn't only for knowledge's sake; it's for making informed decisions.

You can better analyse the consequences of the intelligence you've gathered if you have context.

It informs strategic decisions in law enforcement, cybersecurity, and any other field where Chinese OSINT is used.

Did you know?

COSINTI (Chinese Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Investigator) course is getting upgraded and updated with new information, new search strategies, latest methods and out-of-the-box techniques for information gathering, guiding you trough fundamental and complex case scenarios.

We're soon releasing a new Resource book to our students, that is because we're the only dynamic course on the market, unmatched quality and comprehensiveness.

Course is extremely practical with focus entirely on developing your skills, mindset, and ..skills. From 11th October until further notice, students who purchase COSINTI will automatically be enrolled into a mini premium 4-months subscription that enables them to receive 2 new upgrades of the COSINTI Resource Book.

Link to the course here :


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