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Where & How: Dark Web Sources

Finding or "enriching" your KB with dark web sources is not always a straightforward task to google "latest 2023 onion links" and expect to find everything on the tip of your fingers.

Quality intel data doesn't come from sources anyone can easily access, and anyone can find.

Image Credit: JossNatu / Getty Images

Then where?

And how?

These are the kinds of questions that most CTI providers have trouble answering these days: where and how can I find the newest markets, forums, and chat rooms, communities ? What are some unusual places where threat players and threat data might be?

Considering that most TIPs and Dark Web aggregators are overpriced for nothing, really nothing, no value, all feeding basic sources and pastes from 2017.

It's hard for businesses and CTI (Cyber Threat Intelligence) providers to keep up with the constantly changing world of cyber threat intelligence. In a time when knowledge is power, the dark web (and not limited to it) has become a well-known place where cybercriminals hang out.

The answer to this question needs to be looked at from different angles. First and foremost, you need to have a deep knowledge of how the dark web works, where information is not publicly listed and easy to find. In this world, anonymity and security are very important, and regular search engines can't work here.

Valuable intelligence and sources come from 4 types of places: 1. Open sources

2. Closed sources

3. Your pivoting skills

4. Your v-humint/engagement skills

Want to know more? How to get actual skills and value from a course?

The only dark web course on the market that will give you actual skills and teach you how to find new sources, pivot, conduct source dev, practice real life skills of CTI #darkweb#darknet without history lessons when tor was invented.


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