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Navigating Dark Web Tips

Updated: Sep 25

Image Credit: Donna Moderna

Know your keywords

You might think its a very fundamental tip here, but the beauty in becoming proficient in something is first thing first, knowing you've got your base covered. And that is exactly why knowing your keywords for excelling in your dark web navigation, research, searches is going to take your skills to higher grounds.

Keywords are a powerful tool!

What you search, and how you search will define the end result.

This is why when you use the right keywords, understanding first what you're looking for, what keywords are associated with that particular field or domain of research.

If you're conducting source development, searching for company name, keywords, data, person, etc. it's all about knowing your keywords.

when you know what keywords bring what results, you can estimate what are the correct keywords, will different search engines help you find different sources if you change your keywords and of course always asking yourself the questions presented in the screenshot.

In this screenshot you can see the difference between the two searches that we did, one gives more results and one less. Which one is better? Try it out and see for yourself.

What keyword is more generic and what keyword is more targeted and limiting your potential of finding new data.

You can find the rest of the pro tips in this video of our academy :

Dark Web Cyber Threat Intelligence, everything Dark Web & CTI to get your into the pro level.

This course gives you all necessary and advanced skills about navigating the dark web like a pro, we teach you how to actually conduct source development, finding new sources of information in the dark web, how to find new onions links using different manual and automated methods.

We give you important insights about the dark web, and all of that is actually done in a long live session that is actually a "deep dive" and you learn all things CTI.

Here's the thing, in the entire course we don't give me a long list of onion links like other courses do, because tomorrow these links may not work, so what do you do?

We don't tell you about when TOR was born or where is the "start" button, this course is practical and to the point.

This is exactly how this courses stands out because by completing this course you're leaving with skills, capabilities and know how of how and where to look for cyber threats, and relevant information for CTI analysts, and insights that really you won't get anywhere else.

You can find the same course but designed for fundamental (starting point)


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