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What Makes COSINTI Best?

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

What is our Advanced Chinese Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Investigator Course and how is it "close to real world" in terms of skills, collecting practices, and analysis in the day-to-day function of a Chinese OSINT Analyst? What do you get out of it?

Advanced "Chinese OSINT Investigator" teaches you all you need to know about navigating China's ecosystem like an expert.

With COSINTI you can:

✅ Find any person, company, threat, data in Chinese inside Chinese sources with ease, confidence without worrying about common obstacles most Westerners face.

✅ Develop skills of research, approaching information collection & analysis correctly, combining CN&EN keywords correctly, learn different search strategies for different case scenarios.

✅ Develop skills of 'creative thinking', yes.. you'll learn to develop the hacker mindset, look at your typical OSINT activities but from a different angle of applying penetration testing methods.

✅ Investigate Chinese social networks using unique inspection methods & unconventional approaches.

✅ Learn how to find new sources of information, news, cyber threats, forums, communities, social networks, search engines (hidden ones from Western eyes).

✅ Learn other complementary practices to OSINT such as IMINT, GEOINT, SOCMINT but all in Chinese sources, keywords, practices, know-how and well making yourself feel proficient in these domains in China.

✅ This course really does give you have 'upper hand' and gives you something no other course does, skills, value and knowledge you can take with you.

✅ COSINTI enables you to 'search like the native', yes.. you can find any OSINT tool, any recent development, any reverse search engine hidden from the eyes of even seasoned Western investigators.

✅ Apply your new skills, knowledge, resources as soon as you learn it, this is an extremely practical hands on course, less theory, more doing.

✅ In the resource book you also get a lot of examples, case scenarios, we give you "situations" that you can come across in the real world and how to "bypass" or search them correctly, finding more complex or unique data.

✅ You get a lot of interesting exercises to practice your skills, tasks to get done, finding information, data in the real world.

✅ Learning both from video lessons & resource book that includes the latest, freshest, most relevant information and well, the serious OSINT stuff.

We don't sell stories or teach you about China's history or who was born when; you can look it up yourself. This advanced training is incredibly practical, 'to the point,' and focuses on skill development. All of these distinguishes it in the market for Chinese OSINT courses nowadays.

Question? Reach out to us, we're just an email away.


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